In the words of kids ...

Lessons with kids is a special subject matter. It's difficult to present, how many pleasant and amusing unexpectedness arise at these lessons, and what pleasure the teacher can receive at dialogue with the child. Their answers and questions always in essence, are surprisingly precise, logical and witty, and can sometimes put the teacher in a dead end simply.
Before you a number of sketches from a nature...

Elea (5 years old)

A school notebook lies on a table. I show the child, what such is a straight line.
First I represent a small segment and ask Elea:
- How do you think, is it possible to prolong this piece?
- It’s possible, - he answers and prolongs it up to edge of page.
- And still is it possible to prolong?
- It’s possible, - he answers and prolongs it up to other edge of page.
- And still is it possible to prolong?
- It’s impossible more, - he answers, - further the table is and mum will swear.

Michelle (5 years old)

1) On a picture in the book the felt boot is represented:

I ask Michelle to draw the same on a paper. She draws:

I ask her:
- Well unless is it similar what is drawn in the book?
She gives a thought on pair seconds and gives out:
- But, if to turn it, a refrigerator will turn out:

2) We study geometrical figures. I ask Michelle:
- What a rectangle and a square differ?

The answer:
- If to halve a rectangle, squares will turn out, and if to halve a square, rectangles will turn out:

3) We compare a circle and an ellipse. I ask Michelle:
- What a circle and an ellipse differ?

The answer:
- The ellipse is longer.
The following question:
- And what a circle and an ellipse are similar?
The answer:
- They do not have angles.

4) Because of my illness some lessons are passed. Michelle:
- Well, where is Yury? I already for a long time have learnt all.

Liron (4.5 years old)

1) We finish a lesson, I ask mother:
- Watch I have deteriorated, our time has ended?
- Yes, - she answers and pays off with me for lesson.
- Now you can buy to yourself a new watch.

2) We finish a lesson, Liron’s mother speaks:
- What is it necessary to tell to Yury?
- Good-bye also send the regards to your wife.

3) Having seen the newborn cousin, Liron utters:
- Looking at him, I am filled with happiness.

David (7 years old)

He does lessons, then unexpectedly closes a book and a notebook and speaks:
- That’s all, ideas have terminated.

Mariel (6 years old)

1) We list trades. I ask him:
- Who cooks a food?
- The cook.
- And who operates a car?
- The driver.
- And who control a train?
- The trainer.

2) He rises with mother on stairs and suddenly sees laying up a paunch and a cockroach moving with paws.
He shouts:
- Mum, a cockroach!
- Well also that, he dead.
- No, he alive, he lays and recalculates his paws.

Galit (12 years old)

We solve the problem:
«You have 80 dollars. You come to shop where the different goods are on sale. A book costs 25 dollars, a
basketball ball – 27 dollars, jogging shoes – 70 dollars, a backpack – 30 dollars and a watch – 20 dollars.
Do you have enough money to buy all these goods? If there is no, make the list of those things, on which you
have enough money (give two versions)». Galit properly answers a question of the problem and makes the following
two lists: 1) a book, a watch and a backpack – 75 dollars; 2) a book, a ball and a watch – 72 dollars.
I speak for a fun:
- It’s a pity, not enough money on jogging shoes.
- It doesn't matter, mum will buy jogging shoes.

Amelia (5 years old)

1) We solve the problem: «A giraffe, a crocodile and a hippopotamus live in different houses.
A giraffe lives not in a red and not in a blue house. A crocodile lives not in red and not
in a yellow house. In what houses the animals live?»
The answer:
- The animals live in a wood.

2) She speaks me:
- My daddy – the strongest!
I ask her:
- And mum – the most beautiful?
The answer:
- Mum – the most favorite!

Liron (6.5 years old)

1) Gets dark. I ask Liron:
- Where the switch of your desk lamp?
He turns a plafond, the button becomes visible, and he asks:
- And it your way for what?

2) He asks me:
- Give me, please, an interesting problem.
- What problem do you want?
- Well, as this (the problem about a wolf, a goat and a cabbage).
I give him a similar problem, he thinks some minutes and utters:
- To solve this problem is still early for me.

3) We solve a problem. Liron:
- Do you wish to outwit me? It will not turn out. I’m very artful.
I speak him:
- Let’s to argue.
Liron begins:
- Well, say so...

4) We read the problem condition:
«Baron Mjunhgauzen and his servant Thomas have approached to a river. On coast they have
detected a boat capable to forward only one person. Nevertheless they were forwarded in a boat
through a river and have continued their way. Whether could so to be?»
( The problem answer is: they have approached to a river from different coasts. )
I ask Liron:
- Do you know who is baron Mjunhgauzen?
- No.

I tell to it:
- There was a man who invented any fables. For example, he told, that once he began to sink
in a river so he has pulled out himself from water for hair and thus he was rescued.
I speak Liron:
- Well, let’s to solve the problem.
- So, it’s very simple. His servant has crossed a river by a boat, and Mjunhgauzen has dragged
himself for hair.

Michelle (8 years old)

I ask Michelle:
- Why you have not made a homework?
- I have started to do, but the daddy has come and has told, that it is time to go on the sea.
- Well, and why you have not finished, when you have returned from the sea?
- By this time someone has already put out my copy-book.

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