P l a n i m e t r y   (Plane geometry)

Theorems, axioms, definitions

Straight line, ray, segment


Parallel straight lines

Euclidean geometry axioms



Parallelogram and trapezoid

Similarity of plane figures. Similarity criteria of triangles

Geometric locus. Circle and circumference

Inscribed and circumscribed polygons. Regular polygons

Areas of plane figures

Problems: Plane geometry

S t e r e o m e t r y   (Solid geometry)

Common notions

Angles. Projections. Polyhedral angles

Parallelism and perpendicularity of straight lines and planes

Polyhedrons. Prism, parallelepiped, pyramid



Ball (sphere)

Tangent plane of a ball, a cylinder and a cone

Solid angles

Regular polyhedrons

Symmetry. Symmetry of plane figures

Similarity of bodies

Volumes and areas of bodies' surfaces

Problems: Solid geometry